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Request for anal vore.

Rangiku was winning an argument. She had said that she had the largest breasts. Rukia and Orihime disagreed. They were having a sleepover at Rangiku and Orihime's house. They had been arguing for nearly 20 minutes now. Both Rukia AND Orihime thought that Orihime had larger, nicer breasts. Rangiku was getting annoyed. So she had a way to stop this. "Okay, okay. You win. Your right. Let's just go get something to eat in the kitchen, okay?" With their 'success', they happily walked by Rangiku into the kitchen. However, Rangiku had other plans. She poked both girls in the neck, hitting pressure points and knocking them both out. As they slipped to the floor, Rangiku released her panties, revealing her glorious buttocks. She decided which to 'absorb' first. She went for Rukia and kneeled her ass down at her bare feet. Rangiku had enveloped Rukia's feet into her butt, and began pushing her in, inch by inch. It took around 3 minutes to get to her face. Rukia began emerging from sleep just as Rangiku's two cheeks closed in on Rukia's face. Rukia started to scream but it was too late, she was inside Rangiku's body now. Rangiku grunted and strained to push her into her belly. It was a fast procedure. Next was Orihime, the glorious and beautifully curved teenager that was Rangiku's best friend. Trying a different methord, Rangiku aimed her perfectly shaped buttocks at Orihime's FACE this time. She quickly slurped her up into her ass and into her belly, having her join the already-awake Rukia, and engorging their new home. Rangiku put her panties again and fell to the floor rubbing her belly.
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The-Bloody-Bishop Featured By Owner May 6, 2010  Student Writer can't see the actual picture, being under 18, but, wow. Just the story itself defies belief. And here I thought the simple, eat-them vore was weird. Even breast/boob-vore struck me as terribly odd. Not that I have anything besides shock for your story, no disrespect meant, but you do have to admit, ASS-vore is on an entirely different level. Really wish I could see the picture. Could you, please? I'll be you bestest friend!
Demongurl35 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2010
again WTF??
PaperMatt202 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2009
Crude drawing, but nice story to accompany it!
gof22 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2009
It was good. I really liked it.
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September 18, 2009
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